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I have a passion for all things food and farm related, as well as new sustainable business models that advance equity, ecological integrity, and restore human relationships. I’ve spent the last 17 years in all facets of sustainable agriculture and the food chain: as a farmworker, food retailer, agricultural researcher, educator, business owner, non-profit manager, and consultant to farms of all sizes. Building on the foundation of a B.S. in Natural Resources Management and a M.S. in International Agricultural Development and Agroecology, I have a holistic understanding of the human and ecological dimensions of the food system. One of my more formative professional experiences was working close to seven years at the well-respected farm incubator ALBA in the Salinas Valley of California where I developed and delivered programs for beginning and more experienced growers as Director of Programs. I also ran a successful pastured livestock and poultry farm business called TLC Ranch for six years with my family near Watsonville, CA. More recently I’ve been working as a sustainability and business consultant for NGOs, food manufacturers and family farms, and do policy research for The Cornucopia Institute, a food & farm think-tank based in Wisconsin.

Josephine Alexander farms with her husband Randy at Tubby Creek Farm in Ashland, Mississippi.  Established in 2012, TCF grows Certified Naturally Gown produce for 65 CSA memberships and farmers markets in addition to raising pigs, goats, laying hens and broiler chickens on pasture.  Prior to starting the farm, Josephine managed GrowMemphis for four years.  Her favorite vegetable to grow and to eat is carrots.

  • Steve Richardson, Richardson Vegetable Farm

Business and Marketing

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI, attended Michigan State University and graduated with a BS in Food Industy Management with a focus on Agribusiness. Joined Whole Foods in 2002 in the produce department, has worked for Whole Foods in GA, MA, CT, TX, and London UK. Past positions include Produce Procurement Team Leader for the South and Southwest Regions, focusing on procuring local produce items for our stores. Currently the Associate Produce and Floral Coordinator for the South Region of Whole Foods, which includes GA, SC, NC, TN, AL, and MS.

  • Farmer/chef roundtable featuring Hugo Matheson, Ben Smith, Jason Severs and Ana Gonzalez
  • Hugo Matheson, The Kitchen

Hugo is the Chef/Co-Founder of The Kitchen family of restaurants and Co-Founder of The Kitchen Community, a non-profit organization dedicated to building Learning Gardens in schools across the United States. Born in England, Hugo grew up eating whatever food his mother picked up that day. Hugo moved to London to pursue a career in food. After graduating from Leith’s School of Food and Wine, Hugo then joined The River Cafe, one of London’s landmark restaurants. Moving between the dining room and the kitchen, Hugo worked with such cooking greats as Ruth Rodgers, Rose Gray, and Jamie Oliver.

When not cooking, Hugo spends his days working with local farmers, purveyors, activists, and colleagues who share his philosophy for creating simple and local food. Over the last decade, Hugo has culled a network of professionals who have been instrumental in making The Kitchen a world-class restaurant group. Today, The Kitchen is a growing family of bustling restaurants that balance mindful eco-practices with inspired, flavorful dishes.  Hugo and his wife Becci live in Boulder, Colo with their twin boys.

Education and Advocacy

Brianna Bowman, National Technical Assistance Coordinator at New Entry, coordinates NIFTI, which works with incubator projects across the country to provide practical information and trainings on supporting new farmers through the land-based incubation model. Brianna graduated from Goucher College with a degree in Peace Studies, and has a MA in International Development with a concentration in Sustainable Agriculture from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver.

Brianna is dedicated to realizing environmental, social and personal transformation through agriculture and completed her Permaculture Design Training with the Cornell University Cooperative Extension. Her commitment to social justice took root during her work with refugee communities at the International Rescue Committee and African Community Center, and grew during her time as a mediator and Outreach Coordinator at Community Mediation. Brianna has spent many hours weeding, harvesting and savoring the benefits of the land as a volunteer and intern at Simmer Rock Farm, Golden Acre Farm, Ekar Farm and in her personal community garden plot.

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